OpenSource Software

Provider of Open/Mixed Source Software offerings

InTech Solutions offers its customers traditional network hardware and software offerings from companies such as Microsoft, Novell, and Cisco. One of many areas that differentiate InTech Solutions apart from its competition, is our technical prowess when it comes to Open/Mix Software offerings. As was noted above, InTech Solutions has received numerous accolades for its depth of technical knowledge in support of open source products, including Linux.

Some may dismiss Open Source Software as inferior to the standard commercial offerings, however it is important to note that the major software players such as Novell, Cisco, Oracle, VMWare, Citrix, and yes, even Microsoft, offer products that are either open source or have their roots in open source.

Allow InTech Solutions the opportunity to demonstrate how Open/Mix Source software offerings can lower your Operating Expense (OPEX). We offer periodic product events and webinars to showcase some of the latest open source technologies targeted for corporate clients. To be added to our mailing list about upcoming events, send an email to