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IT systems within any organization provides the backbone in operating any business.  It’s what maintains efficiency and productivity.  Beyond only the value of its personnel, an organization’s IT infrastructure is the next most important resource within any organization.

Common questions that should routinely be asked:

  • If the network/IT infrastructure were down, what would the loss in productivity mean to the organization’s bottom line?  What is the cost in terms of daily or even hourly downtime?
  • How quickly could the organization recover from any such network failure?
  • How secure is the network from outside intrusion?
  • What is the organization’s exposure due to data loss or data compromise?
  • At any point in time, is there 100% confidence that ALL systems within the organization have been patched to prevent vulnerabilities?
  • Beyond the cost of insuring the items above, what is the cost of non-compliance?

The last thing any organization should be doing, is asking these questions after any such event.  The time to have an action plan for any of these items is before they occur.  That is where InTech Solutions can be of service.  By bringing enterprise expertise to any organization: large or small, within the commercial, public or private sector.  Allow our firm to offer an objective, non-biased assessment of your existing IT infrastructure.  Contact us today.